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Update on the Iqaluit Marine Infrastructure Project

(Deep Sea Port and Small Craft Harbor)

Construction will go ahead this summer. This has been approved by the GN and by the City of Iqaluit. The Tower Arctic (TA) team will follow the recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer of Nunavut. Everyone has been in Quarantine at a designated hotel for 14 days before flying to Iqaluit. In addition, the TA team has the following COVID-19 precaution in place :

  • Social distancing of 2 meters or wearing a mask when this is not possible

  • Increased hygiene standards in workplaces and camps

  • Worker health monitoring

During the next weeks, the construction sites and the equipment will be prepared and the construction activities will start during the first week of June.


For Tower Arctic Ltd., cooperation with the community is a priority. Updates and notices will be posted on Facebook on the following pages :

  • Iqaluit Public Service Announcement group

  • Amaruq Hunters & trappers Association

Please send resume, comments or questions via :


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