In May 2018, Tower Arctic LTD, a leader in large scale projects in Canada's North, was awarded to build a marine infrastructure near the hamlet of Pond Inlet in Nunavut.


The contract consists of the construction of a medium-sized harbor, which includes a small craft harbor and a sheet pile wharf for large vessels access.


Given the start of construction planned for mid-July 2018, the project is still in the planning phase. This phase consist of setting up all the methods that will be used during the project and to develop all the security measures.


2020 Pond Inlet Marine Infrastructure Project

Work for the Pond Inlet Marine Infrastructure Project will begin on June 7th for the 2020 construction season. 

  • June: Project start up, hiring and training of new employees, blasting, crushing, and rock transport

  • July: blasting, crushing and rock transport, Sheet pile wharf construction, Dredging

  • August: blasting and rock transport (East & West breakwater, laydown area and Sealift ramp)

  • September: Rock transport (East & West breakwater, laydown area and Sealift ramp)

  • October: demobilization 

  • November: end of the season

For your safety, please avoid the construction zone.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

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Safety and Beach Access for Boats and Vehicules

The shoreline will be accessible to boaters. Signs will be posted to let you know where and when access will be restricted. There will be more traffic than the previous years at the beach this year.

  • Keep this area clean and make additional precautions when you are within this area. 

  • Keep the beach clear of gear and equipment according to dates and locations on posted notices.

  • Pay attention to new traffic and access pattern both on water and on land. 

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Safety and Access During Dredging 

During the construction, Tower will phase the construction activities in order to let a fully access to the sealift ramp.


Two lines of buoys will show the path for boats to follow. A SIGN WILL BE POSTED at the beach for information.

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Safety and Blasting

Blasting will start the week of June 14 and continue until the end of July 2020. As in last years, a safety area for blasting will be set up. It is important to respect this safety zone at all times. If you are not sure that there is a blast do not hesitate to ask Tower Arctic workers on site.

  • The same safety measures will take place as last year, with access to the QUARRY AND SAFE ZONE LIMITED. 

  • The blasting is scheduled once a day and will be announced at the radio, posted at the Hamlet, Pond Inlet News Facebook group, Tower Arctic website and a sign will be posted at the dump area.  

The HAUL ROAD will be busy again this summer. 

  • Please stay off the road and talk to youths and children about safety measures. 

  • Be careful when crossing the haul road between the Quarry and Stockpile sites.

  • Always have a visual contact with the truck drivers when crossing the road.


For Tower Arctic Ltd., cooperation with the community is a priority. 

Project Website: www.towerarctic.net

Updates and notices will be posted on Facebook:  

                                  Tower Pond Inlet page

                                  Pond Inlet News group

Posters will be placed at the Hamlet office, the library, Coop and Northern Store poster boards.

Tower Arctic Ltd – Contact on site 

Simon Brochu

Project Manager 


Alexandre Beaumont

Assistant Project Manager 



Pond Inlet Update - 2020 Season

Due to COVID-19, Tower Arctic cannot hold public meetings. Please see this document, our Facebook page and website for information on the 2020 construction season.

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