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Date: May 2022


Work scheduled for the 2022 season

· Deep Sea Port Site

o Rock transportation out of Site (Mid-May to end of May)

o Granular Pavement (End of June to Mid-July)

o Lighting (Mid-June to end of July)

o Site electrification (Beginning of June to end of June)

o Wharf hardware installation (Beginning of August)

o Completion of pipeline works (Mid-June)

· Small Craft Harbour Site

o Concrete Abutment (Beginning to end of August)

o Floats (Beginning to end of August)

o Float’s access (Beginning to end of August)

o Electrification of floats (Beginning to end of August)

o Ramp pavement completion and drainage (End of July)

· Causeway

o Protection boulders installation (End of July)

Public access for the upcoming season at the Deep Sea Port

The Causeway is accessible through the designated blue zone (see below). Rock will be placed at the entrance of the site to block access. It is forbidden to enter the construction site.

Thered area (see below) is the snowmobile accessramp, which can also be used as parking. The snowmobile access ramp area is belowthe extreme high tides and may be flooded when tides are greater than 11.3m or during storms or wavy conditions.

Please note that around mid-July there will be earthworks operations for a total of approximately 3 days at the causeway for, among the others, the installation of the protection boulders.

Please, avoid putting your engineat maximum whenlaunching or loadingboats on your trailer. This makes big holes and ruts in the ramp.

Public Access at the Small Craft Harbor

The Small Craft Harbor will be accessible for the whole 2022 season. However, during the installation of the floats and its elements, the red area (see below) will be prohibited for safety reasons. The rest of the harbor will be accessible.

The red area shall be closed during specific periods over the summer. TA will inform the population prior closing the area.


For Tower Arctic Ltd., cooperation with the community is a priority. Updates and notices will be posted on Facebook on the following pages:

o Iqaluit Public Service Announcement group

o Amaruq Hunters & Trappers Association

Please send resume, comments, or questions via: INFO@TOWERARCTIC.NET

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