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Job Opportunities

Description: Marine Mammal Observer

Tower Arctic Ltd is seeking applicants to work as Marine Mammal Observers (MMO) at the Deep Sea Port construction site during night shifts and/or weekends.

Successful applicants will be available to work 12-hour shifts, starting as early as the 17th of October until the end of the construction season. They will receive training by the Environmental Monitor as well as a safety induction presentation.

Workers need to have steel cap boots. Other personal protection equipment (PPE) will be provided.

What does a MMO do?

Responsible for the visual detection and monitoring of marine wildlife at sea within the exclusion zone established around the Deep-Sea Port work site. The MMO will use binoculars or a marine thermal handheld camera during periods of low visibility to monitor the presence and behavior of marine wildlife and record all observations. MMO is also responsible for following the chain of communication in the event that a marine mammal is sighted within the exclusion zone while specific work activities are ongoing.

What are the requirements?

- Knowledgeable about marine wildlife;

- Be meticulous, patient and reliable;

- Willing to work 12 hours outside;

- Be prepared for all weather conditions;

- Respect health and safety instructions.

Please submit your resume to:

· In person at the office of Tower Arctic on Federal Road, Iqaluit

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